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Loch Venachar has to tidy the old trailers away, Theft hazard.

MEMBERS: Trailers should ideally be kept away from the boat park. There have been trailers lying on site for ages we want to shift but need to know which are currently owned first.
Please see the images and accompanying text below:-

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The Trailers in this selection are still able to be used to remove boats
They should all be knobbled when stored on site.

T he Club will correlate the owned trailers and unknowns with the latest memberships to reduce the number by identifying and removing old uncared for trailers.
If owned by resigned members we will attempt to negotiate an outcome for the trailer.!
We may sell or simply destroy the extras depending on the outcome of this survey.
Your help in his matter is really appreciated.
We ultimately wish our members to have the best parking experience they deserve and this clearout will help with this. The boat park is really quite full.

W  hat to do next:- If you can help identify any trailer shown here please email Colin Scott with your information and who you are, Which trailer you recognise, along with contact details.

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